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Jackson Blyton or open face wanted for awesome rap-rock band/CLJ bassist on super active Seattle site
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Jackson Blyton or open face wanted for awesome rap-rock band/CLJ bassist on super active Seattle site

Site // Ad

Anonymous: does anyone have advice on developing characters more outside playlists and journals and such? please no offers to follow a tag. i'm not looking to join a site. \: just wanting to keep my interest in my characters.

this sounds like the same anon from before, but i’m going to link back to what i reblogged here. i’m not trying to get you to join tck, but to legitimately help out with the whole character development issue. our members have come up with some pretty awesome things as far as keeping their interest in their characters go, and a look around the “weekly themes” and “character development” sections on the site would definitely help out someone struggling to come up with ideas to get inside their characters heads. you’re definitely welcome to snag any ideas you might find from those sections and use them for your own characters, on whatever site you’re on. :]

Anonymous: does the rp community have ideas for development ideas for characters? like some people do instagrams or memories or important items or playlists. i wanted to know if there were others people would use to develop theirs?

a few months back, we started doing “weekly themes” at tck, and they’ve definitely been a success! it’s an easy, fun way to get inside your characters head a bit more, especially on random things you might not have thought about before. you can check out the break down of the weekly themes here and past themes we’ve done here. another thing we recently implemented in our “character development” forum is a “behind the scenes" place, where each character can have their own specific forum to house ANYTHING the player might want. some of the things people have used them for have been timelines of the characters lives, photos of their homes and pets etc, a place to post artwork their characters did, their characters library, letters written to other characters, past events that might not necessarily need to be threaded out, moodboards, wardrobes, pretty much anything you can possibly think of. one last thing that we have, which COULD be integrated into the “behind the scenes” forum, is a miscellaneous section, which somehow ended up being a place for everyone to post their characters ~tumblr of sorts. xD

but yeah, these are just a few of the things we do at the crooked kind to encourage character development, so feel free to use any of them!

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Oh my god you guys.

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After 7 bil years




my tumblr has a fresh new coat of paint. Let’s see if I end up getting back into dis.

"1 month ago" lubi pls get ur shit 2gether

IDK WHAT TO TUMBLR ABOUT jacksgap hair????????

well that and my dick i mean those two things are basically your life

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